2270 NW 23rd St.
Miami, Florida

Pepe Lopez

Pepe Lopez is a multimedia artist whose work addresses problems of contemporary life based on a trajectory of constant transformations. López explores the map of the social spectrum through the translation of aesthetic codes, while developing his perception and concepts in a prolific variety of media, such as installations, objects, collages, paintings, performances, photographs, tapestries, videos and sculptures. The motivation, process, and meanings in Lopez’ works, questions crucial aspects of contemporary life such as identity, violence, terrorism, manipulation, simulation, destruction, consumerism and communication. 

Lopez has a very particular way of inventing his methods of communication, developing several series of works at the same time. He walks through cities with a shopping cart, recording his path with a video camera as he collects trash, which he then sorts in his studio for use in his urban sculptures.  In all of these works, López presents an expanded vision of current society, articulated concepts that include political, economic, social and cultural practices.


Pepe López’s work is a continuous creative development that underpins the next body of his art. The multiform nature of his commitment unfolds in different directions at the same time. Pepe López’s works are a subtle network of connections and relationships between the artist, the public and the space.