2270 NW 23rd St.
Miami, Florida

André Azevedo

André Azevedo
(Curitiba, Brazil 1977)
André Azevedo develops a continuous investigation into textile and linguistic construction techniques, manipulating the ordinary matter of the world. His research with fabrics is part of his personal and familiar experience with this materiality. From this intimate connection, the artist began to understand textiles simultaneously as language, concept, and materiality, which allowed him numerous forms of interaction with the world. Azevedo explores the plot structure within the universe of storytelling, using notions of “following the thread,” “backdrop,” and “knotless stitch,” among other figures of speech. Fabric provides an opportunity to explore the idea that things are entangled: they follow phenomena of repetition, transmit processes, and consequently revive images. Azevedo begins with the statement that fabric is a medium because it is in between – between men and the world, and between the world and all the things it coats –and, then, makes use of different malleable media, such as books, screens, video, and sound installations.

This residency is part of a collaboration between El Espacio 23 and The55Project