Carlos Castro (b. 1976, Colombia) 

La creación del unicornio, de la serie Mythstories 2019 
Woven gobelin 

Violence related to narcotrafficking in Colombia is the subject of Carlos Castro’s work, which draws inspiration from the European tradition of tapestry as symbols of royalty and wealth. The piece La creación del unicornio (The Creation of the Unicorn) presents an altered copy of the Gothic period tapestry The Unicorn is Found, from the series The Hunt of the Unicorn, made in The Netherlands around 1495-1505 and currently in the collection of The Met Cloisters in New York. The artist has inserted a woven portrait of drug lord Pablo Escobar into the composition which then turns into a reference of the exotic collection of animals Escobar was known to have assembled at his Hacienda Nápoles.